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Rates and Services

Dog in search of a dog walker.My service for pet care in client’s home includes walking and/or playing with your dog. Playing and petting attention given to kitties. Scoop litter box and add clean litter as needed. Pick up after dog in the yard or on the walk right after he does his business. Feed and freshen up water for pets. Vitamins and medication added to food. (Oral and injectable medicines will have extra fee). Bring in mail, newspaper, door flyers, and packages. Water indoor and patio plants. (People with extensive watering of gardens, extra fee may apply based on amount of time spent).  Take trash to curb on trash day & retrieve container that evening. Rotate lights and blinds to give the home a lived in look. All supplies are to be provided by the client.

My pet sitting fees for one or two pets are as follows:*

Pet Sitting: $25.00 per visit for one or two pets with drop in visits in client’s home

Overnights: care at your home $100.00 per night

Mid-day walk w/overnight $20.00 for each additional visit to the house.

Dog Boarding at PPS Home: $45.00 per day for one dog, $20.00 for second dog, and $10.00 additional for a third dog.

Solo Boarding: $75.00 for one or two dogs, $20.00 for a third dog.

Day Care: Between 8:00AM & 6:00 PM - $35.00 for one dog, additional $20.00 for second and $10.00 for third dog in same family, with no overnight stay.

Regular weekday mid-day dog walking service: $20.00 per visit, with a minimum of three days per week. (Not applicable for out of town clients)

*Holidays; There is an additional $20.00 holiday fee for the weeks: 4th of July, Easter, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. And a $30.00 fee for the holiday weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Extra pets over initial two:

  • $2.00 per dog, per visit
    $1.00 per cat, per visit

Small animals: 

Pet Sitter providing dog walking service

Inquire regarding Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice, Hamsters, Rats, Lizards, Salt Water aquariums, and Koi ponds. Clients with a large family of pets, amounts will be discussed at consult.


Additional pet care service fees that may apply:

    Dog walking in the park.
  • Additional litter box over one = $1.00 per box per day.

    Overhaul of litter box or pet enclosure (includes emptying, sanitizing and refilling) = $10.00

    Initial Poop Scooping of yard (if not done prior to first sit) = $25.00

    Key return and/or pick up if not presented at initial consult = $15.00 each trip.

    Gas and drive time fee for out of service area. Amount will be discussed at consultation.


Additional pet services we provide:

    Weekly yard scooping = $25.00 (fee also applies to yards not pre-scooped before trip)
    Oral or injectible meds = $15.00 per visit ($5.00 if done during a scheduled pet sit)

    Sub-Q fluids = $25.00 per treatment. ($15.00 if done during a scheduled pet sit)

    House sitting (includes the above listed services when there are no pets) = $20.00 visit.

Updated Dec, 2015

phone: (619) 287-0027       email:  

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